WR-ICON Consulting – a Choice of Strategy

WR-ICON is a boutique consulting company that helps you to build, implement and execute a unique blend of strategies in areas such as: 

    • Strategic cost and efficiency optimization (this by keeping consumer values in mind)
      • Supply
        • Procurement
        • Manufacturing
        • Logistics
        • Supply Chain Management
        • Sourcing Structure strategy, definition, changes
      •  Product Design
        • Design changes of existing products
        • Design briefs for new product developments
      •  Fix Costs
      • Utilization of AI for highly complex industrial problem areas in order to minimize the cost structure

WR-ICON also represents a global network of senior experts and can quickly adjust to client’s needs in other areas such as: 

      • Innovation, Marketing, Category Management
      • People – culture, selection, motivation, compensation
      • Private Label Retail for manufacturers – on how to best monetize
      • Private Label for Retail – cost optimization of products, by elimination of inefficiencies
      • M&A synergy assessment during due diligence

Combining all above smartly to a Virtuous Earnings Model allows you to significantly accelerate consumer’s value creation, internal efficiency increases, significant continuous revenue growth and highest profitability.