Manufacturing & Logistics

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Strategy for Cost Savings through Efficiencies:

Challenge the Process for Manufacturing & Logistics

Existing Manufacturing & Logistics is optimized by challenging the current process and sourcing strategy on a regular basis to realize opportunities for improvements.

Our strategy focuses on how a function is provided, how products are converted from raw materials to finished goods, and how the finished goods are delivered to the customer at lowest possible cost.

Our concept is a top down approach that delivers bottom up solutions creating a unique culture within your organization of a passionate workforce that are continually challenging themselves to find inefficiencies.

Expected outcomes from implementation:

  • Gross Margin and Profit Growth
  • Techniques to Recognize and Adjust to Changing Conditions
  • Improved Competitiveness
  • Increase Product Range Opportunities in Emerging Markets through Cost Reduction
  • Project Transparency – Regular Reporting to Global, Regional, and Local Management
  • Assessment of Current and Potential “Road Blocks”

By clicking on below link you can download a one page executive summary about WR-ICONs concept to be implemented in large groups that lead to significant multi million cost savings on product design and conversion costs.

WR-ICON Exec Summary