Product Design Optimization

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International competitiveness requires product design to be top of mind:

Our global approach delivers a product in line with customer expectations at the lowest cost possible

Coordinating globally your teams across all product lines, locations, and departments at once is an optimization strategy that focuses on eliminating material and functions that do not add value.

Application of our comprehensive global strategy includes the simultaneous implementation of a regular review process that is used to identify all opportunities for the utilization of more cost effective alternative materials, technologies, processes, and innovation.

This on-going initiative challenges all current products and processes at once globally, and delivers bottom up solutions while creating a unique international organizational culture of a workforce that continually seeks to find efficiency solutions.

Expected outcomes from implementation:

  • Gross Margin and Profit Growth
  • Techniques to Recognize and Adjust to Changing Conditions
  • Improved Competitiveness
  • Increase Product Range Opportunities in Emerging Markets through Cost Reduction
  • Project Transparency – Regular Reporting to Global, Regional, and Local Management
  • Assessment of Current and Potential “Road Blocks”

By clicking on below link you can download a one page executive summary about WR-ICONs concept to be implemented in large groups that lead to significant multi million cost savings on product design and conversion costs.

WR-ICON Exec Summary