Supply Chain Management and Procurement

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WR-ICON offers guidance to all levels of management to maximize efficiencies in sourcing, supply chain and procurement. The mantra of both “Doing the Right Things” and “Doing Things Right” is applied from the micro to the macro level.

When a global company addresses the question of sourcing finished goods it will typically examine all internal and external assets available to it across the different regions that it operates in. WR-ICON can support a company in this exercise by providing a blue print backed by models to determine the best global supply strategy.

Global organizations face the challenge of continuously improving their supply chain operations.

WR-ICON can help a company to shape both the right strategy and oversee the detailed mechanics of optimizing day-to-day business execution at the lowest possible cost.

Supply Chain Management

  • Definition and Implementation of Supply Chain Strategy
    • Finished goods sourcing strategy
    • Potential analyses
    • Organizational and process models
    • Identification and optimization of global internal and external assets
  • Supply Chain Operations
    • Operational interface management sales
    • Sales forecasting and demand planning
    • Supply planning
    • Inventory planning
    • Multi and single-site production planning
    • Material flow planning and optimization
    • Distribution and transportation planning and optimization
    • Supply performance management
    • Working capital management
  • Operational Excellence in Cost Reduction
    • Definition and implementation of operational excellence strategies
    • Process and organizational analyses
    • Cost analyses and cost reduction programs and concepts
    • Global performance management


  • Global and local optimization of Strategic Sourcing (Doing the Right Things) and Tactical Sourcing (Doing Things Right) for:
    • Organization
    • Processes and process acceleration
    • Material group management
    • Global sourcing
    • Supplier management
    • Financing of purchases
    • Procurement controlling
    • Risk management
    • Quality assurance
    • Supplier audits
    • Supplier performance management
    • Service related payments
    • Cost reduction programs with suppliers
    • Transparency generation
    • Rapid supplier plant assessments for material cost evaluation
    • Strategies for unique and difficult situations

Tool Kit for Supply Chain Management and Procurement

WR-ICON provides a comprehensive cloud based “Tool Kit” designed to optimize the supply chain and procurement in all aspects of the process. These tools can be linked to ERP systems such as SAP and Oracle and are supported 24/7 by our global Helpdesk.