I worked with Werner on Squeeze projects in Reckitt Benckiser and I was impressed by his ability to remove non valued added costs from any product he would work on.

Daniel Pagnoni
Managing Director at Finus, Italy
Formerly: SVP, Global Category Officer at Reckitt Benckiser

I have known Werner for a long time and I believe the concept of cost improvement WR-ICON proposes, is a very powerful one, as it is simple and it builds on the capability of organizations to generate a continuous flow of ideas. I asked Werner’s support in setting up the methodology in my past, and this delivered important cost improvements. I believe this methodology can be applied to several business sectors.

Cesare Frontini
Group Operations Director at Puratos

As sponsor of this global program Werner played a key role to structure this program and to roll it out in major parts of the newly merged group. His passion in driving product costs down continuously inspired and motivated many key people in the group resulting in the delivery of outstanding results. After 18 months the original target was nearly doubled. With thousands of live projects Werner always remained transparent on progress and the need for local support. This concept is a smart way to continuously improve the product cost situation.

Marcello Bottoli
Operating Partner at Advent International
Formerly: Executive Vice President and Board Member at Reckitt Benckiser

During my time being responsible for Continuous Improvement at Sandoz I got into contact with Werner. He supported us strongly in getting our global Continuous Improvement tool alive at more than 30 sites in very short time frame. The simple but pragmatic concept of collecting ideas from all departments of a manufacturing site and to monitor implementation and its impact to cost has been key to success, Werner provided huge experience at all kind of cost improvement leverages throughout whole supply chain starting at purchasing and closing at shipment to customers.

The system of the cost improvement tool is applicable at all kind of industry and hence I am convinced Werner can bring value to any company.

Alexander Lich
Global Head HSE Sandoz
Formerly: Head Continuous Improvement Sandoz

I worked with Werner when I was Marketing Director ANZ at Reckitt Benckiser. This was a huge and complex business with over 400 SKUs and one of my projects was to identify efficiencies that would drive gross margin expansion. The concept of using Marketing as lead department in partnership with Supply teams was to ensure product changes did not impact the customer or consumer.

Werner provided technical expertise to guide areas of focus, whether packaging, formulation or harmonization, best practice and learning sharing, process and project management support. Notably, Werner was able to help me to inspire the marketing team to drive this project, something a brand manager might not normally consider to be interesting or important.

The results of the project were exceptional, generating over 200bpts of gross margin improvement, half of which we were able to re-invest in marketing to drive growth faster. We subsequently repeated the project and found further significant savings. In every case the goal of not affecting consumer impression or product performance was met, and in some cases, product utility actually improved.

I would recommend the skills and expertise Werner possesses because they are fully transferable to different business types and I believe all companies can find these types of margin improvement opportunities.

David Armstrong
Formerly: Area Director Europe at Reckitt Benckiser

I met Werner during my time with RB in South Korea, where he was responsible for the cost-saving program aptly titled “Squeeze”. It should be noted RB is a recognized world class leader in the systematic removal of non value added cost, and Werner was a critical player on a global scale. The newly acquired Korean company was unprepared for this novel approach to reduction of costs. Werner took the involved managers by the hand, trained-filled the gaps, and delivered well above the set targets (which at the time seemed impossible). Cost was removed throughout the entire supply chain. By reinvesting from cost to value added brand building, the company was able to reverse declining market shares and strengthen its grip over key strategic markets. I would recommend Werner to any company hoping for a professional driven approach to strategic cost-cutting.

Marco Monfils
Owner of MX4 Marketing
Formerly: Vice President Marketing, Household at Reckitt Benckiser USA

I worked with Werner Ramschak at Reckitt Benckiser Southern Africa in 2003, during our time together I recall Werner taking responsibility for a major cost savings initiative called Squeeze. While working on this project, Werner demonstrated very good project management skills, he continually persevered with the task at hand always ensuring that the project was delivered in full and that all expectations were fully met, it was a pleasure working with someone like Werner on these key projects. He is certainly a person that delivers on the promise and takes full ownership of the results for whatever project he undertakes; I have no doubt that he will add tremendous value to any company looking for someone to find ways to optimise/reduce operating costs in the value chain.

Ray Pinto
General Manager – Group Sales at Iglo
Formerly: Regional Sales Director – East Asia at Reckitt Benckiser

Werner and I worked together in Reckitt Benckiser in the early 2000’s. Werner was leading a global company wide cost savings effort called Squeeze, and i was the Global Category Manger for the Polishes sub category. Squeeze was an important initiative for my brands, and Werner was an important partner in my success.

As we worked to reduce unnecessary costs and increase profitability on my categories, i was struck by Werner’s professionalism and ability to make things work together. His role demanded a close understanding of the category, it’s customers and consumers, and its technology. Werner took the time to understand those parts of the business that his considerable supply chain and production expertise did not cover, and worked closely with all key stakeholders to ensure that our cost savings projects were a reality. A key success factor in the considerable cost savings that Werner helped deliver was his ability to influence all stakeholders- he had no direct hierarchical relationship with any of them- and address all of their concerns.

Overall, it was a pleasure working with Werner. Besides his high level of professionalism, Werner is also a good person to work with. He’s amiable, affable, and a good team member. If the occasion and opportunity arises, i would not hesitate to work with Werner again.

Sushil Jhangiani
Executive Coach and Leadership Development Facilitator
Formerly: Marketing Director at Reckitt Benckiser

I worked with Werner on cost reduction projects at a major global consumer packaged goods firm, Reckitt Benckiser. Working with our teams, we identified efficiency and negotiation opportunities that helped us drive significant manufacturing and supply cost out of our business, improve margins, and reinvest the proceeds in brand-building, new product initiatives, and profit improvement. Werner played an important role in these activities, driving follow through and accountability throughout the process.

Philip Mazzini
Chief Operating Officer at Speedy Cash Holdings
Formerly: Country Group Managing Director and General Manager at Reckitt Benckiser

Werner was instrumental in identifying significant cost saving opportunities within RB. “Squeeze” was a very new and different approach within the group. Together with his colleagues he approached this new role with great passion and enthusiasm. Based on his thorough technical experiences and also his commercial understanding Werner and the team around him rapidly developed procedures and techniques to systematically squeezing inefficiency out of the system which generated tangible multimillion £ cost savings over many years.

Axel Goss
President EMEA Central Sales Region at Fiskars
Formerly: Director of Global Customer Development and Global Sales at Reckitt Benckiser

I have found Werner as a man of rigorous follow up to achieve desired ends…

Tayfun Öktem
CEO at Al Munajem
Formerly: General Manager Scandinavia Region at Reckitt Benckiser

Working with Werner was a pleasure both for the added value his experience would bring to the project and for the engaging manner in which he would work with the team. We always meet or exceeded our objectives and Werner’s leadership and creative problem solving skills had a lot to do with that.

Heather Guild
Global Category Director at Reckitt Benckiser

Werner has enormous drive. Once he starts something, you can be sure he will complete it. When things are tough you can count on him to find solutions.

Rajiv Chandra
Senior Vice President Global Categories Officer at Reckitt Benckiser

Werner is a human computer and has really mastered the art of “Big Data” in cost savings.

Richard Neergaard
General Manager at Reckitt Benckiser Benelux

It is 8 years ago that I last worked with Werner but I remember him well. Werner is a very committed leader & team player who can be relied upon to deliver what he promises. His thinking is well-structured (not surprising given his engineering background) and he is highly organised always looking for win-win solutions.

Michaela Murning
Owner M3 Free Think, Associate Director – Kantar Retail
Formerly: Head of Marketing South Africa

Myself and Werner worked on Regional Squeeze project when I was with Reckitt Benckiser based in Johannesburg during 1999-2000. He was instrumental in initiating the Squeeze process and training of various local Squeeze Champions. He has in-depth understanding of various manufacturing process, raw materials, packaging materials that really helped in identifying savings opportunities. The best part is that our Regional Squeeze Project got an award of appreciation. Werner is an excellent resources when it comes to “smart” savings.

Maqsood Ahmed
Owner & Business Consultant at ThinkAct
Formerly: Marketing Manager at Reckitt Benckiser Pakistan

In both my General Manager and Marketing roles at Reckitt Benckiser I worked with Werner Ramschak on Squeeze. During project Squeeze, Werner’s diligence and passion for cost reduction and process optimization led to better than expected results both in the short and long term.

Mark Hornick
Executive Vice President and General Manager at Fiera Foods
Formerly: General Manager – Scandinavia and Vice President Marketing – Spain at Reckitt Benckiser

In my role at Reckitt Benckiser, I had the pleasure of working with Werner over an extended period of time, on a wide variety of Cost of Goods saving and Overhead Reduction projects. The overall program was focused on improving gross margins as well as product net contribution and was a significant generator of increased profitability that could be allocated to Brand Development and growth of Sales Revenue. He was strongly engaged with the various teams/businesses and always highly results orientated. Werner successfully led the implementation process, from idea generation and assessment to implementation and performance tracking with the establishment of an extremely strong pipeline of cost improvement projects. His strong analytical skills and creative thinking, combined with excellent process knowledge brought the best out of everyone he interacted with and effectively generated a high Return on Investment.

Dave Buller
Site Director of EL Plant & Supply Chain Director of Sub-Saharan Africa at Johnson & Johnson
Formerly: Supply Director, Turkey for Reckitt Benckiser

Werner is an extremely dedicated person who possesses great analytical skills (extremely good in data base management) and very fact based. He demonstrates excellent negotiating skills and a strong determination to meet objectives.

Ranjan Banerji
Senior Vice President European Supply at Reckitt Benckiser