Werner Ramschak

Founder of WR-ICON
Based in Vienna, Austria

Werner has nearly two decades of experience in senior management roles within the Reckitt Benckiser Group and is a highly seasoned consultant since 2006.

In Reckitt Benckiser Werner grew rapidly into a global director’s role where he reported directly to the global board of directors. Werner worked on building global performance structures, managed several global excellence, M&A and local turn around programs. Together with other top performing global directors Werner has developed and managed cost reduction concepts – like Squeeze and XTrim – that has generated a significant positive international culture and momentum to deliver significant cost reductions with keeping consumer value in mind.

At WR-ICON Werner is the master mind to implement sustainable programs to enlarge gross margins and consumer value in large corporates and private label holders (retail and industry).

His work, strategies and concepts at global corporates and SME led to cost reductions up to nearly 1bn€ with over 30000 implemented projects that created consumer and shareholder value.

Werner built a truly global perspective while at Reckitt Benckiser and the work done for several large global corporates since 2006, having lived in 6 and worked in about 50 countries.

Werner has also completed a wide range of management and development courses in the UK, Austria and South Africa; and studied economics, industrial and mechanical engineering in Austria and the UK.