What we do

guidance, coaching, consulting, brands, scm, cost cutting, global companies

We provide concepts and tools that have a proven track record to deliver significant savings in global and regional companies. These modify or eliminate non-value adding materials or processes and increase the quality in execution or adjust to customer quality level expectations.

We analyze your organization and adapt our concept to your needs. To begin we will integrate and train your internal team to unlock bottom up cost saving initiatives. We then manage and facilitate this team to ensure the correct implementation of the new process. We issue reports to the CEO, Regional Directors and Project Teams in an agreed upon frequency.

WR-ICON tool-sets are utilized and implemented to ensure and improve the efficiency of the process as well as opportunity identification by employees in the Supply Chain and Procurement areas.

Our Partner Network consists of proven cost reduction and marketing innovation consultants with senior management experience in key positions of an array of multi-national corporations. Our team possesses the know-how to consult and develop cooperation while implementing change procedures.